MyTAGG FOR Everyone

The Internet of Things is for everyone.
You will soon find it everywhere, on most of your consumer products, but also at home, in public places, museums, etc..

Everything you need to enjoy it is a smartphone with the proper application and an Internet connection.

Everything you need to spread it to your own objects can be found at MyTAGG.

MyTAGG is simple

No need for computer skills! MyTAGG has designed simple and intuitive tools using the WYSIWYG principle (What You See Is What You Get).
By creating an account you will get a pre-formatted business card as a showcase.
You will also find tips, advices and examples of creations in the section provided for this purpose.

MyTAGG is free

MyTAGG is mostly free to the public.
You can make TAGGs and Mobile Pages indefinitely.

Only the functions and tools intended for professional use are not.

MyTAGG is universal

The principle behind TAGGs are based on universal technologies.
They can be read by most smartphones and tablets released sold on the market in recent years.
Tagg-reading applications are numerous, often free, and available in all languages​​.

MyTAGG is built to last

TAGGs are updatable.
They can benefit from all future innovations of the Internet of Things.
MyTAGG will also offer tons of innovations in the coming years.

Welcome to the first year of the Internet of Things.

You can put the Internet of Things on anything!

On your business cards, your keychain or even your favorite pet!

Examples :

Bandit, your beloved labrador ran away and ... you are worried sick!

By putting on him a Tagged collar connected to the Internet, you would allow the person who find your pet to read your message indicating the name of your pet and how to contact you.

What advantage over traditional piece of paper rolled into a case or medal with your address on it?

The opportunity to update your contact information 24/7, translated into any language, accompanied by a personal message you can adapt to all situations!

Same for your keychain, luggage and all the things you care about.

There are so many things you can do with the Internet of Things!

Get Started! It's easy and free.

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