Our code of conduct

At the dawn of a new century full of promises of technological prowess, MyTAGG positions itself as a modern company, respecting - as such - essential values for a better world.

Here at MyTAGG, we believe that new technologies must be available to all, understandable by all, usable by all and at the service of all.

Which is precisely why we dedicate ourselves to respecting the following points:

1- MyTAGG does and will not sell or give, under any circumstance, data and information to a third party without said data's or information's owner consent.

2- Reading a TAGG is and will remain free.

3- MyTAGG offers consumers a free access to most of its tools via the "FREE" account.

4- MyTAGG has a clear and transparent fee chart with no hidden costs. It is an annual service, from which you can unsuscribe at any moment.

5- MyTagg allows you to report abuse - illegal or immoral - content at any time and pledges to respond as soon as possible.

6- MyTAGG is here for you and will take into consideration every suggestion you make.