MyTAGG is a S.A.A.S. (Software As A Service).
MyTAGG display Internet of Things in a simple and effective way.

Based on an original idea, MyTAGG was created in Paris France in 2009.
Our ambition is to trigger the new ideas of the Internet of Things era
by providing all the necessary tools.

Created for professionals and general public, MyTAGG tools are
easily accessible and offer a high modularity degree.
Internet of Things

MyTAGG makes you create and manage unique identifiers for each object or place and link them to online content and services.
You can also create Mobile Web Pages, without any computer knowledges.

Internet-of-things-Easy Going

MyTAGG also offer an API for developers in order to build dynamics complex solutions.

Mobility, touchscreens, augmented reality and interactivity with your environment
are the new assets of these revolutionary identifying tags.
Linking and merging new and future technologies, MyTAGG is a powerful tool with unrivalled assets.


Internet of Things by MyTAGG