MultiFunction QRcodes

Multifunction QRcode Why limit a QRcode to a single function and action?

At MyTAGG, we offer you to increase the potential of your QRcode!
One single TAGG can deliver unlimited contents, informations, services...

Give the right answer to the right person at the right moment!

- Manage many redirects for each Tagg
- Create access filter to match any situation
- Customize your QRcode with original designs
- Create, by batch, ID-URL for unit tracking
- Follow your Tagg's activity
Multifunction QRcode
Multifunction QRcode
Multifunction QRcode
Multifunction QRcode
Multifunction QRcode

Multiple Functions URL Shortening URL Writing URL Branding
  Add multiple contents to one single QRcode   Shorten your long URL in a tiny one   Edit your URL for a better comprehension   Use your own hostname for a better takeover
Device Detection Lang Detection Country Detection Time Detection
  Adjust your contents to your user's devices   Adjust your contents to your user's languages   Adjust your contents to your user's locations   Adjust your contents to a moment of the week
Private Access Tracking Statistics S.E.O
  Create parallel, limited access to important people   Follow each of your QRcodes all around the world   Generate datas on how your codes are used   Increase your visibility using search engine
Colors and Shapes SVG, PNG, JPG, PDF M2M NFC Ready
  Customize your QRcodes for better integration   Choose your file extension and size (vector formatl)   Man To Machine, Machine To Machine, Mobile To Machine ...   Use both NFC and QRcode access

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