Frequently Asked Questions

What is MyTAGG ?

MyTAGG is a S.A.A.S. (Software As A Service).
MyTAGG allows you to use the Internet of Things in a simple and effective way.

What is the Internet of Things ?

The Internet of Things is the ability to link any object or place to Internet, in order to provide information and services in line with the object.

What is an ID-Url and what is a Tagg ?

An ID-Url is a unique digital identity for objects or places, which can connect them to online resources.
Tagg is a container for ID-Urls which allows you to manage multiple objects' online ressources as one.

The Tagg "Bottles of semi-skimmed milk" contains all ID-Urls assigned to each unique bottle of semi-skimmed milk.
It allows to manage, all together, online contents and services attached to those bottles.

What is a MyTAGG Widget ?

Widget word is a contraction of "window" and "gadget". It's a small feature that, in MyTAGG, have to be added in the web pages to make them richer and easier to manage.

Widgets examples: email, phone, Youtube vidéo, Twitter account,...

These widgets are self-contained, very easy to configure and highly customizable.
Widgets may be connected to your databases via the MyTAGG API and can dynamically display information in relation to an object.

Who is MyTAGG for ?

MyTAGG has been designed to suit all, from everyone to industrialist, through SMEs, associations and communities.
The interface is simple and requires no computer knowledge.

Why is MyTAGG better than its competitors ?

MyTAGG offers an universal and flexible vision that already takes account of future developments of the Internet of things.
MyTAGG designs tools are based on the best technologies, current and future, and offers you simplified versions, for everyone.

Moreover, unlike most of its competitors, MyTAGG offers you ALL the Internet of Things and not just a too specific use.
Whatever the application you want to develop, it is possible to do it with MyTAGG.

I already know how to generate QRCodes, why go through MyTAGG ?

MyTAGG is much more than a QRcode Generator with customizations features among the most advanced.

MyTAGG's primary function is especially to create and manage ID-Urls (object ID).
These can take the form of a QRcode or an NFC chip.
ID-Urls' mission is, among others, to multiply features attached to an object.
Thus, MyTAGG proposes the only real "Multipurpose" QRcodes.

Why MyTAGG is a long term technology ?

In a near future, all objects and sites will be connected to the world wide web.
This, in order to offer you real-time intelligent services adapted to the situation in which you find yourself.
To do so, each object will need to be identified in a absolute and individual manner.
This means to give them unique and unitary identity cards.

MyTAGG offers you the ID-Url, a simple and powerful concept of universal identifying Urls, offering to everyone great autonomy and total flexibility.

ID-Url also allows unit traceability of objects, augmented reality, Internet Machine to Machine, unlimited paralel access and the use of complex graphs

What are the packages and rates offered by MyTAGG ?

MyTAGG offers a very large number of free features to holders of a "FREE" account.
In that case, advertisements will be sometimes broadcasted by MyTAGG

Pay accounts gives professional features and are ad free. They are based on an annual package system whose prices have been studied to be accessible to any kind of business.

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Is MyTAGG secured ?

MyTAGG is particularly vigilant on safety issues.
This is why our tools use only technologies whose safety is strong and possess a broad community of users.

The site has also a secure connection "https"

Can I operate my database with MyTAGG ?

Yes. MyTAGG provides an API (Application Programming Interface) that allows you to create gateways between your ID-Urls and your databases. Thus, very many applications can - be developed to the attention of your customers, employees, partners, suppliers, ...

Will traditional barcodes be replaced by ID-Urls ?

The organization in charge of the current barcode standard (EAN / UPC) has already provided a close system of ID-Url: the EPC (Electronic Product Number).
Unlike ID-Urls, the EPC does not use Internet domain names. This is to not depend on the ICANN organization which secured domain names.
In doing so, the EPC requires manufacturers to go through third party organizations (GS1) for getting unique identifiers and through third-party services (databases) for connecting them to the Web.

Only ID-Url with a domain name allows to create, in an unlimited way, universal and free* identifiers.
In addition, ID-Url offers the same benefits as the EPC for identifiers traceability.

This is why we believe that, in the medium term, ID-Url will become the global standard replacing the current barcodes.

*Outside of the annual cost of reservation of an Internet domain name.

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